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A new young friend
Posted:Jul 10, 2016 6:26 pm
Last Updated:Jul 30, 2021 10:25 am

One evening, as I often do, I was broadcasting and chatting. I got a page from a 42-year-old man in Virginia. He said he had young men there, watching me, so I answered the page. Of course, my first question was, how old are they? One was 18, one was younger, and one was the 42-year-old, and he asked me who I would like to chat with. I answered the 18-year-old. So we chatted for a while. He sent me his picture, totally nude. A very young-looking Asian guy, absolutely adorable, smiling into the camera. I didn't save the picture, just because I wasn't sure he was 18. Of course, Asian guys tend to look younger, but you can't be too careful. I gave him my phone number, and we did a lot of texting.

The text were a lot of the usual stuff. Why do I like younger men, what do I like to do to them. He told me he likes older women and had, in fact, slept with one before, and it was great. He said he was going to study pre-med in college that fall. He also had a younger 16-year-old brother. I told him not to share all this with him, and he said he wouldn't. At one point, he said his mother wanted to talk with me. I said fine, but I was at work, would have to wait until 6 pm my time, 9 pm her time. Actually, she wanted to text, so I said I'll let them know when I'm out of my meeting.

I was a little worried, but what's the harm in just texting? So, I texted after my meeting. She said hello, who is this? I said I'm a woman in California. I immediately asked her, please confirm he is 18 years old. At the same time, she asked me, do I know how old her is? Then she asked, is that what he told you? I said yes. She said he's going to get it all over his ass, lol. We kept chatting some. She was curious about my chatting with young men, and where do I find them. I just said the internet. She asked me if I were gong to keep texting with him, and I said no, I'm going to block him. Then, she said it's ok for us to text each other. I said I wasn't sure if I'm comfortable with that. I congratulated her on being a good mom. She asked why, and I said she's paying enough attention to notice he's up to something. Finally, I asked her how old he is, and she said 15! I couldn't believe it. That's very surprising. He's a smart little guy.

I've had a dad send me a pic of his 15-year-old nude, in the same pose as he sent me of himself, also nude. Yikes! Anyway, just beware who you're talking to. I almost think it's time to check ID's, but when someone's off in another country or way across the country, it's not as dangerous, but still.

We did text some more, that young man and I, but I guess it wasn't as exciting for him when I knew what's up. I'm sure my tone switched more to a motherly one (having sons myself), and I told him he shouldn't like to people about his age.

I ask myself, if it were legal, would I meet with a 15-year-old? I guess the answer is, if he's mature enough, maybe I would. But it doesn't really matter, does it? It's not legal, so I won't. There's plenty of men already, age 18 and up, lol. And plenty of virgins, too.

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