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Losing control with my tennis crush  

BruceWayne983 37M
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5/4/2021 1:43 pm
Losing control with my tennis crush

I was on a trip with my tennis team playing an away match for my university. We’d travelled by minibus down to Manchester the night before and stayed at a Travelodge, and were preparing head towards the match venue the next morning. Most of the team travelled down together in the minibus, but we had one team member who lived locally and met us at the Travelodge to travel together to the match. That meant we had one seat too few on the bus, so it was going to be a tight squeeze.

I take the last available seat in the middle row beside the sliding door, just as our final team member comes jogging up to us. It’s my crush, Amanda, running late as usual. She’s a little below average height, nice slim body, long dark hair, has a cute face and a playful, flirty demeanour. It’s a warm sunny day so we are all just wearing our tennis gear already, which is shorts for the guys, shorts or tennis skirts for the girls. Amanda is wearing her frilly white tennis skirt, with a neat pink sport’s top, and lugging her tennis bag over her shoulder. She eyes up the busy van as she reaches us, passing her bag to me which I in turn pass over my shoulder into the back.
“Yeah it’s gonna be a bit of a squeeze” the driver calls back.

My heartrate always rises a level or two when I see Amanda, and today is no different. She looks around assessing the situation, then up at me.
“Hmm. Do you mind if I just sit on your lap then?” she asks innocently. She has quite a posh English accent, which I admit seems to make everything she says extra cute.
I’m only 19 and a little self-conscious too, so I try to hide my nervousness as I answer.

“Uh, yeah sure ok” I say, then reach down a hand to help her up. She smiles at me, takes my hand and climbs into the van.

She sits down on my lap, making eye contact with another little smile before brushing her hair back past her ear. She’s always flirted with me, and we’ve snogged each other once, but never gone any further than that. She has a boyfriend so I’ve accepted that I probably missed my chance with her…at least for now. I’m grateful that her skirt has the little sports undershorts attached so at least I can’t feel her bum and thighs directly against me when she sits on me.

I’m a little uncomfortable with the situation, but we set off down some country roads on the way to the tennis club. Amanda turns to me with another mischievous grin.
“You’re not gonna get a hard-on are you?” she teases, making other people in the van chuckle.

In a rare moment of self-confidence I actually have a response for her.
“Darlin’” I say, somewhat theatrically, “if I get a hard-on, you’ll know about it.”
Everyone in the van laughs at my unexpected comeback, especially Amanda who looks delighted by it.

Unfortunately though, I don’t have the self-control necessary to back up my confidence, and the sexual innuendo along with her thighs and bum rubbing and jostling about on me on the bumpy country roads is starting to turn me on. I look out the window and try to distract myself thinking about something else, but every turn has her sliding across my lap and creating friction against my cock, which is starting to swell under my shorts. I try to fight it but it’s no use, my cock is starting to throb and within moments I know I’ll have a fully-fledged boner pressing into Amanda’s pert little bum.

Once I’ve accepted defeat I’m in damage limitation mode, trying to minimise my embarrassment. I lean forward slightly to whisper in Amanda’s ear.

“Don’t say anything” I say, in as low a voice as I can manage.

Amanda looks at me questioningly, not yet aware of the situation. Moments later I watch as her eyes go wide, a huge smile spreading across her face as she feels my dick pressing into her from below. She stifles a giggle, turning her face away and covering with her hand so nobody notices her reaction, before shooting another glance at me, her eyes sparkling with a mixture of humour and delight at my reaction to her. I feel my cheeks flushing red, but there’s nothing I can do about it now.

The journey takes us about 20 minutes, and though Amanda keeps my secret she seems to shift and bounce on me more than is absolutely necessary, clearing revelling in my situation. I’m desperately horny by the time we arrive, my cock throbbing and twitching with even the smallest bit of friction between us, and I’m deeply regretting that I didn’t jerk off in the shower this morning, or for the previous few days either for some reason. Amanda continues to make eye contact with me, trying to refrain from giggling for almost the entire journey.

When we arrive everyone starts to pile out of the minibus, and to my relief Amanda finally gets up from me and relieves the pressure on my cock. I still have a raging hard-on though, and while everyone clambers out the other side, I delay by messing with my tennis bag to try to conceal it from everyone, waiting until it has at least shrunk to a semi before I follow them out.

I exit the bus last, and most of the team is already heading towards the clubhouse, but Amanda waited up for me. With the rest of the crew out of earshot Amanda asks me with a giggle.

“Are you ok?”
“Yeah” I chuckle. “Sorry about that.”
“That’s ok” she says brightly, as we start following the team to the building.
“Probably not the best preparation for the match though” she continues. “You gonna manage to concentrate?”

We’re due to play mixed doubles together later, which could be a little awkward with the sexual tension between us.
“Uh, yeah it’s not ideal” I admit. “Might not be my best performance but I’ll manage” I tell her.
She’s biting her lip thinking about something as we approach the clubhouse.
“Would it help to relieve the tension?” she asks coyly.

My hard-on, which I had been struggling to get rid of, twitches again, the blood flow immediately reversing at the implication.

“Uh, what d’you mean?” I say tentatively.
“Well, it was kind of my fault” she says. “Maybe I could help you deal with it.”
I’m sure she’s just teasing me, but this is not helping at all.
“Yeah right” I say sceptically. “You’re kidding, right?”

Amanda looks around quickly. The club is in a rural location and the clubhouse backs on to a forested area, with the tennis courts on the other side. She looks at me for a second, her own face a little flushed too, then says “come with me” and turns to head around the side of the building.

With my heart hammering in my chest I follow her, nearly tripping over myself in my haste. We go to a spot that seems fairly secluded, out of view of both the car park and the courts, with just the forested area opposite us. Amanda puts down her bag and turns to me, while I follow suit. She comes in close to me, going up on her toes to kiss me, and I kiss her back eagerly, my hands going to her slim waist and starting to stroke her hips. My cock is fully erect again already, straining under my shorts, and she reaches a hand down to caress the outline of it, making me moan softly into her mouth.

She pulls back and starts to tug my shorts down, which I help her with.
“Don’t take too long now” she tells me. “We need to be on court in minutes.”
Of all things to worry about I very much doubt that is going to be a problem, but I reply with a “sure” between heavy breaths, while I pull my boxers down just past my ass and let my erection spring free. I shuffle back to lean against the building, while Amanda moves in front of me.

Amanda giggles as she looks down and immediately takes my dick in her hand, starting to stroke up and down my length. Then she gets down on her knees onto the grassy patch below, and looks up at me while I wait in breathless anticipation. She looks so fucking adorable I think to myself, as she starts to use her mouth on me, just teasing at first by licking up and down the sides of my shaft. The earlier tease in the minivan also had an effect and I suddenly feel some pre-cum rising up my shaft, before spurting out and landing on her cheek and lips.

“Oh!” she jumps in surprise, gasping in shock and then bracing herself as she anticipates a full load over her face and mouth, thinking I’m cumming already.

“Shit, sorry” I breath down to her, as she looks a little confused.
“Are you uh…are you ok?” she asks hesitantly, giggling a little and perhaps wondering if that’s all I had.
“Yeah I’m good. Just a bit of pre-cum. Keep going” I tell her.

She looks satisfied, and strokes me a few more times, before looking up at me again, opening her mouth, and sliding her mouth over my bell end. I groan as I feel the heat and pressure from her lips and tongue around me, making me throb hard again. She has quite a small mouth, but she handles me well and is able to get herself most of the way down my shaft, before having to withdraw again. She sucks me slowly and methodically, her tongue pressing firmly against the large vein on the bottom of my shaft, while her hands stroke the base or cup and squeeze my balls.
I’m in heaven, and I’m already struggling to control myself since I don’t want this to end. She takes her mouth off me for a moment, lifting my cock up as she goes underneath then starts to lick and suck my balls. I drop my shorts and boxers down to my feet, then edge my feet further apart to give her better access, groaning as she sucks while firmly stroking my shaft up and down. She backs off and looks up at me again, with a sultry smile on her face, then takes my cock in her mouth again, sucking harder and faster than before.

I can feel my cum rising now as her hand reaches up to massage my twitching balls, her mouth working me up and down vigorously as she tries to bring me off.
“Oh fuck” I moan, as I get closer. “I’m gonna cum” I gasp.

Amanda increases her intensity even further, as the pressure builds around my cock to an unbearable peak. Finally with a grunt of effort I erupt in her mouth, spurting hard and fast into her as she continues to work me. I see her eyes scrunch up as she gags on me, but incredibly manages to stay locked on, her lips firmly wrapped around my throbbing dick as I unload and flood her mouth with hot, salty cum. I gasp and shudder as I orgasm, with an intensity and pleasure that I’ve rarely felt before, my knees almost buckling at the height of my ecstasy.

Eventually my orgasm starts to subside, the torrent of cum slowing to a dribble, as Amanda reduces the pressure and gently milks and squeezes the last drops from me. She withdraws from me and sits back on her heels, her cheeks puffed out as she holds a mouthful of spunk for a second, letting out a muffled giggle with her mouth closed. She looks up at me, panting as I try to recover, then takes a big gulp and swallows it all down, opening her mouth and licking her lips with a satisfied smile afterwards.

“Holy shit” I chuckle as I regain my sense. “You are so fucking good at that” I sigh.
“Thank you” she giggles, “that was a lot of cum though!” she adds enthusiastically. She takes me back in her mouth and soothes my sensitive cock with slow, gentle movements. I flinch a little in my post-orgasm sensitivity, but I’m happy to let her finish. She backs off, wipes her lips and cheek to clean up the rest of my cum, before sucking her fingers clean and rising to her feet.

“Did I get it all?” she asks. “Don’t want to go back to the team with cum on my face” she laughs.
I take her chin in my hand and turn her side to side, inspecting her, then give her a big deep kiss, tasting my spunk on her lips and tongue.

“I think you’re good” I tell her. She smiles as she goes to her bag for some tissues, giving herself a wipe anyway just in case. I pull my boxers and shorts back up, putting away my now softening cock and trying to make myself decent. I take my water bottle from my bag, splashing some on my face and drinking from it to try to cool down. Amanda does the same with hers, before we get ready to return to the others.
“So…what’s our cover story then?” I ask, rhetorically. “We went for a warm-up outside?”
“Yeah” sounds good, she agrees. “Might explain why we look a bit flustered too” she giggles.

I give her bum a little squeeze as we head back towards the entrance.
“You better play well by the way” she teases. “Now you’ve got no excuses!”
I laugh. “Yeah don’t worry I’ll give it everything. Think I owe you that much after that.”

With that we enter the clubhouse and rejoin our team, who are themselves beginning their warm-up routines. They ask us where we’ve been, and of course make some predictable jokes, but no one truly suspects what we actually did. It’s fun for us to have this little secret, and we exchange some knowing glances the rest of the day, enjoying the thought that our teammates have no idea she sucked me off behind the clubhouse.

I did play well that day as it turns out, and so did she. We won our mixed match later and our team won overall, so all in all it was a very successful trip all around, and one I still remember fondly some years later.

(enjoy the pic which is obviously not her but can hopefully spur the imagination)

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5/4/2021 5:27 pm

fap worthy story

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5/4/2021 11:18 pm

A nice erotic read....

You can never have too much JOY in your life..xoxo


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